Teen Driving Lessons

shutterstock_85498879The Head Start Driving School helps teenagers drive confidently and safely using their best judgment in all kinds of traffic.  Our curriculum focuses on safe and defensive driving practices, with a constant emphasis on the dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol and other drugs.


  • Student must be under 18 and at least 15 years old
  • Student must hold a Learner’s Permit for 6 months
  • Student must take a written test and a road test to obtain his license

Full Driver Education Course – $399

The full course includes the State Required 32 hours of Classroom Instruction and 14 hours Behind the Wheel Instruction and Permit Service.  Also included is the Drug and Alcohol Driver Awareness Program (DADAP).  DADAP addresses the misconceptions teens have about the mixture of alcohol, youth and driving ability.

  • 16 Classroom Lessons – 2 Hours per Lesson
  • 7 Hours Driving
  • 7 Hours Observing
  • Practice Road Test at the School
  • Make-Up Sessions for All Lessons
  • Road Rules & Signs Test
  • Schedule Driving Lessons Online

Required Documents for Driving Permit

  1. The student’s original birth certificate, State ID or US Passport (cannot be expired). If the student is a US citizen but was not born in the US, you MUST also bring the student’s Naturalization Certificate.
  2. The student’s original Social Security card
  3. Verification of enrollment (VOE) form from the high school
  4. $17 cash or check (made out to TX DPS)
  5. Two current proofs of residence

Classroom instruction is held Monday through Thursday for 4 weeks as per the schedule.

Behind the Wheel Instruction and Classroom Instruction can be completed concurrently as soon as the student has obtained his or her Learner’s Permit.  Driving lessons can be completed four to five days a week and scheduled online.  After payment is made, you will receive a link to schedule driving lessons online.

Driving lessons are two hours in length and attendance requirements are strictly observed by the TLDR.

Behind The Wheel Instruction – $300

Students who have already completed the 32-hour classroom commitment at another school can enroll with the Head Start Driving School for only the Behind the Wheel Instruction.

Students can begin scheduling driving times when they:

Recently new laws for teens require students do an additional 30 hours of driving instruction administered by parents or guardians.

If you decide to administer these hours on your own, download the required curriculum and paperwork below to get started.


Questions about your own license?   Texas Drivers License Info (TxDPS).