Adult Driving Lessons

We offer driving lessons for adults over the age of 18 who need to learn how to operate a vehicle. Our instructors will teach you how to control your vehicle, drive defensively, make left and right turns correctly, parallel parking and much more. Anyone under the age of 18 must take a state approved driver education course to qualify for a license.

driving_car_personTo get a drivers license, every student must:

  • Have an instructional permit
  • Take a final road test at the DPS

All driving instruction is done in a Head Start Driving School vehicle. Every student must have an instructional permit (or a valid driver’s license) to take driving lessons with Head Start Driving School. Every student must take a final road test at the DPS to get their final Texas license.

Your lesson begins when the instructor arrives at your location. Registration and payment for lessons and pick ups must be made before the day of the lesson. You can pay in person or pay online.

Head Start Driving School recommends that every student take as many lessons as necessary to feel comfortable behind the wheel.

Don’t have a car?  We will come pick you up anywhere in the Austin area.

According to State Law, an Adult Permit Class is required for adults ages 18-25 in order to obtain a Texas Driver’s License.

Please Note:  These prices are current for 2017.   $80.00 for a two hour block-we recommend four two hour blocks as a minimum for safe training.  You may schedule more lessons as needed.

Remember, without a permit you are not legally allowed to drive a vehicle for ANY reason and cannot obtain a driver’s license.

Bring to class:

  1. Any type of ID showing your date of birth
  2. Glasses or contacts (if you wear them)
  3. Payment receipt (if paid online)
  4. Cash or check for the two hour lesson ($80.00) or the complete four lesson package ($320.00).

Once you have your driving permit and feel comfortable operating a vehicle, you must take a road test at the DPS in order to obtain your license.  Many adult students borrow a car from family or friends or rent one for the test.

Payment must be made before your scheduled test.  Once payment is made, you can schedule your appointment online (you will get a link via email) or by phone.  Contact us if you have questions.